Red Envelope Giving Circle 

Red Envelope Giving Circle


   The Legacy of Giving 



Red Envelope Giving Circle
(REGC) is committed to
creating positive social change

in the Greater San Francisco

Bay Area through philanthropic support to Asian and Pacific Islander LGBTQ-led projects
to improve
the lives of
people and


2013, 2014 & 2015 Award Parties

We had three award parties since 2013. Thanks to friends and supporters who came and helped us celebrating this exciting moment! Here are some photos to share. Please click on each thumbnail to zoom in.
2015 - Our most recent event !!!
Here are some photos of our most recent and successful event.
2013 & 2014 Award Parties
Below are photos from 2013 and 2014 award parties
Poster Board
Resource Table
Da Group
Our Venue
Pam and Noelle
Marion and Belinda
Susan and Desiree
Queer Rebels
Complete Working Group
Margot, Cindy, Koko, Little Catherine
Daniel, Amy, and Desiree
Noelle Ito and Alice Hom
Crystal and Camie
Koko, Gillian, and Lillian
Great seeing Marie!
Hanna, Belinda, and Susan
Goodie Bags
Our 2017 Award Party Invitation: 


As we celebrate 5 years of giving to the API LGBT community in the SF Bay Area, our theme this year is "Love and Resistance". We warmly invite you to our 2017 Grant Ceremony in celebration of our 12 amazing grantees this year. Due to space limitations, an RSVP is strongly encouraged.

Past Award Party Invitations: 
Please click on each of the invitation thumbnails to enlarge:


Event Calendar: